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Help us provide beds for families in need

...because everyone deserves a good night's sleep

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Rest assured, every donation to our Bed Program makes a difference in our community's quality of life

According to recent data from the CDC, lack of sleep is a public health epidemic.

While we all have weeks when sleep eludes us, families in crisis face multiple barricades to restful sleep—adults are overwhelmed and exhausted as they try to navigate social support systems. Imagine ending the day only to come home to a house without beds?

Since we began our Bed Program in 2016, our trained volunteers have discovered how egregious the lack of this item is in the lives of many of our neighbors in need. They've seen:

  • children who go to school unrested after sleeping on the floor—and who fail to establish meaningful social bonds because they're too embarrassed to have friends come over
  • adults who put off much-needed surgical procedures because they don't have beds where they can recover
  • families who left apartments contaminated by bed bugs and ended up without mattresses, clean linens, and pillows
  • people using chairs, wheelchairs, and other pieces of furniture in lieu of beds

Clearly, none of the people sleeping like this wake up ready to take on the challenges of work, school, and life.

The physical discomfort that people experience is compounded by a sense of shame that leads to a lack of self-worth. That's where we can make a difference: by restoring that sense of self-worth so that people can begin to move forward from a place of strength.

When you support our Bed Program, you're not just helping us buy and deliver mattresses: you're also supporting the wraparound care services that make a difference in families' lives as they transition from dependency toward self-sufficiency.

Last year, we were able to provide beds for more than 250 people—but the need is much greater than that.

When families are in crisis, a good night's sleep is not a guarantee--but a mattress and bed frame can play a critical role in promoting health and healing for them. Help us meet our goal of being able to offer beds to at least 10 additional families of 4 this year.

$150 pays for a mattress and box spring for a twin bed; $171 provides a full mattress and box spring.